Thursday, 26 November 2009

a wild diglett appears!

now, you may think from the title that today's cack was just a long brown lovable creature with a little red nose. you'd be right. at least, you'd be right up until a point. you see, once the first diglett left my anus, i knew something was wrong. i was right. it seems my diglett had recently evolved, and soon after the first had been fired out, two brethren joined it. now, i'm unsure whether you've encountered a dugtrio on your pokéjourneys, but they're pretty big. as in "michael jackson just arose from the dead and crawled out my arse" kind of big. they're angry bastards too, as you can probably see from the picture. big angry bastards. not fun.

EDIT: turns out my arse is in fact diglett's cave. in the last two hours i've had three shits. belting.

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